Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday wish list

Handmade ceramic doumbek by EarthToneDoumbeks

Woodland Pine Necklace by decoratethediva

Bamboo Jersey Scarf Soft Chartreuse by rainbowrevolution

Rustic Gold - Handforged Brass and Sterling Silver Necklace by Epheriell

tea dresses for Kelli's wedding by sohomode


vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Gorgeous dress!! It would match Jess' necklace beautifully :)

planettreasures said...

Great picks, Hannah.
Lovely necklace by Jess and the drums are beautiful.

Jess said...

Oh, thank you for including me!

planettreasures said...

I cant remember what I said before! But I love Jess's necklace and the drums are awesome!

hannahfaerie said...

thank you, glad you like them too :)