Thursday, March 4, 2010

creativity blooms

I have been doing a bit of a clean out and have discovered some things long forgotten. Its always interesting to get a bit of a look at who you used to be, like meeting an old friend and realising how differently you both remember events of your shared past.

One of them was list of goals I wrote at about 20. It had aims for the next year, for when I am 30 and for later on.

I'm happy to say that I have actually met a lot of those goals. I there are just a few left and only one of them is something I still wish to achieve in the same timeline I set myself. There are also more than a few I am happy to let slide, as I have changed so much and they are no longer things things I want or need. It feels good.

I also found a few drawings from that time that I wanted to share with you and a few new ones that I have been working on as backgrounds for photo's of my jewellery.

Enjoy :)


Hellena Post said...

beautiful Hannah!! Are you gonna do some more art of the paper sort then?

hannahfaerie said...

Hellena, I'm always working on something on paper and I even have a few canvases on the go. Its one of the reasons I take so long to finish things unless I have a deadline. Once Tribal Fibres is done I intend to get back the paper and paint for a while... and clay. My wheel is calling me :)

melanie said...

these are gorgeous, Hannah! Love them!

hannahfaerie said...

Thanks Melanie, that means so much coming from you, you are so talented!