Friday, December 12, 2008

What a week!

So much has happened lately that I don't know where to start. So I will walk backwards, picking up my thoughts as I go.
Last night, as we were leaving the house to attend the launch of an online magazine called creative change makers it started raining, and so far it hasn't stopped. It seemed some how appropriate; a cleansing start for something truly special. When we arrived and I got to talking to some of the other guests I was blown away. Here were people from such varied walks of life all working towards the same thing; to do things better, make things better. I encourage you all to check out the site, I feel I can't fully explain how important it will be.
I have spent the week learning how to make elder flower cordial from Kira, thank you, this has been a wonderful expirence and it tastes beautiful!

Our beautiful cat Red has been missing since last tuesday morning. It has been a sad week for us, he was very special and I am very glad to have had these few years to get to know him.
I have finally got my pottery wheel working, it's still a bit stubborn (I have to use a lot of force to make the peddle move!) but I have just made my first cups in nearly a year!
I know there is more, congrats on your graduation Jack!, but I guess I can't remember.

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