Wednesday, December 31, 2008

old favourites

When I first found etsy Gaea was the shop that got me there. I had been researching clay beads while I was studying a TAFE and I found her work through a website called beads of clay, a site that is home to ceramic bead artists who are interested in

working together to promote artisan ceramic beads
. Here are just two of her lovely designs.

Ladybug Queen/Goddess Necklace

and Day of the Dead Queen ceramic heart necklace

Another seller I found very early on who has inspired me is fellow Adelaidian realisationcreations. Her combination of vintage beads and high quality gems has often left me breathless.
She also makes amazing treasuries and has been very helpful to me and I'm sure many other DUST team members.

Shown here are Lilimus - vintage resin, Balinese and sterling silver earrings and (a real favourite of mine) A River Runs Through It


lyptis said...

Nice Stuff!

And of curz Natalia is very helpful to all of us and makes great things!:)

Natalia said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Hannah! I'm a fan of Gaea's items too - and of course your lovely jewellery - would love to see it in person...we live so close we really have no excuse not have met up yet, don't you think? :)

hannahfaerie said...

Thank you for the comments lyptis and Natalia. And there is actually a bit of momentum for a Adelaide meet up soon Natalia. I can't wait to meet you :)

Leah said...

Love those green earrings!