Saturday, December 13, 2008

two new drums and a custom necklace

We went on an adventure today, all the way to Goolwa to buy a drum. Morgan ended up coming home with 2 cause they were just so beautiful. The shell of the Djembe on the left is imported from Africa, but the Ashiko on the right is hand-carved by Ben of pulse-studios. The quality of these drums is just amazing. And on the way home I got to drop off a custom order necklace. We discussed the design at the Artist Market on Sunday and it was lovely to get the finished piece to her within a week. Made me feel a bit like a pro.

Wow, did we get some weather yesterday! There were places in South Australia that got nearly 90mm of rain in the last week, we got about 28mm. Just wanted to share a few photos with you. This was the view down our street at 2pm (don't think we have ever had fog in the middle of the day before.)

And these beautiful patterns were made by the rain trickling down the branches of the giant gum in our front yard. Stunning huh?


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