Saturday, January 23, 2010

Go well, Nerys

I have taken this directly from the DUST team blog, as I wrote it earlier this week.

"It is with great saddness that I write this. On friday morning/thursday evening a most amazing lady passed away. Nerys was very much the main force behind this revamped version of the DUST team and has been there for many of us when we were new to DUST and etsy and feeling very lost.

Always young at heart, Nerys has been travelling throughout Australia for the past 15 years with her husband. Her passion for creating, whole foods, the healing properties of herbs and essential oils as well as her wisdom and generous soul will be well remembered, she will be missed greatly.
Nerys wished that people would send donations to the Royal Flying doctor in place of flowers. The ceremony was at 4pm Wed 20th at the Bunbury crematorium."

For me, her blog and the blog she shared with a friend have been vital reading. Her life has been such an inspiration to me, I can't see that stopping any time soon.


Jay @ Finki said...

I was so sad to read of Nerys passing on the dust blog. What a woman...she'll be sadly missed by many, and the life she led will be celebrated as she was such a free spirit. Jay xx

The Emma Experience said...

She was such an incredible lady. Always a kind word and good advice. I will miss her being around the place.
Happy journeying Nerys. xxx

hannahfaerie said...

Thank you Jay and Emma. You're so right, she was always there, always so positive. It has been lovely to see others felt the same way about her.
thank you again.