Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ferret Fridays

For some time now my partner-in-crime Morgan and one of his oldest friends , Simon aka Ferret, have been getting together every Friday for coffee. A few years ago it became having tea together too. And about a year or so ago Ferret started cooking. Turns out, he's very good at it.

So far, he has made us Sushi, Lamb Rogan Josh, Turkey and Corn soup, Rosemary Barrimundi and a few other strange things he has found the recipes for on the net and just thought he would try.

And now, its still Ferret Friday, but we make it more of an open house, with people bringing something to add to a shared meal, sometimes we even have everyone cooking in our kitchen! It works great for us, as we love to socialise but have found it much harder to leave the house as often as we used to now Wren is up and moving, and we love food too. And shared meals are such a great way to learn about other people.

What is your favourite dish for sharing with others?

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