Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New creativity and life...

As you may have guessed, I've been busy and not attending to this blog. Very slack really. I could use the fact that I am about to have a baby as an excuse but really I have been putting this blog on the bottom of the to-do list for too long.
To make up for it I want to share with you all what has been on my mind instead and a wonderful blog I have been reading... instead of writing my own.

In just a few short days I will be having a baby, at home, with the assistance of an incredibly experienced independent midwife. Strangely enough, it seems that it will soon be a luxury for Australian women to do this because it could well be illegal. I won't go into all the details, partly because I'm still getting my head around it all but mostly because others have and have written much on the topic and taken up the fight.

Here are just a few of the things I have been reading.
A few articles that explain some of the changes coming, from the Herald Sun, The Chronicle, news.com.au and a recent protest.

Homebirth Australia , the rally in Canberra - 7th of September 11:30am, Homebirth: A midwife mutiny, Joyous Birth and Homebirth SA.

For me, I feel that homebirth is the best option. I have done a lot of research, much of it before even being ready to get pregnant. I feel blessed to have the assistance of my midwife. Her experience and knowledge and support have helped me to feel ready for the challenges of pregnacy, birth and parenthood. She has also encouraged me to fully investigate my options, to look for more than one answer, to consider all the aspects of birth. It has been a wonderfully eye-opening experience.
I am also fully aware of the fact that birth can get complicated, even low-risk births. Sometimes a hospital IS the best place to be and caesareans DO save lives. I hope that by choosing to birth at home where I feel safe and comfortable I can avoid the complications that can occur in birth and create the need for a caesarean, the major trigger being stress.

Here's to the start of spring, new life, new moon and great change.


Rose said...

Hey Hannah, What a lovely blogg, the photos are great!Sorry we didn't get a real catchup at the markett and thanks for the Infopage.
Love Peace and Joy to you two and the new wee faerie when it arrives...Have a wonderful birth gorgeous girl xxx Rose

hannahfaerie said...

Thanks lovely lady, I still have to finish my post about your fab teapot :)
Hope to see you next month... with baby.

jenny said...

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