Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roller Derby!

So, I realised I haven't given you all an update on the final bout for the year. It was great fun, these ladies are inspiring! And they have officially launched their website, so check it out!
The match started out tight, but the Salty Dolls took home the trophy, even after Mumma Bloks came down hard and had to sit out the last 10 mins. The match ended with Ms Sheen (Salty Dolls) and Barrelhouse Bessy (Mile Die Club) falling over hugging and starting a bit of a stacks-on. Cause even though this is a competitive sport, this is about support and empowerment.
And you can catch a doco about these ladies called 'Talk Derby to Me' (Skate Rattle and Roll) as part of the Feast Festival here in Adelaide and maybe even in your town sometime in the future as part of 'I Can See Queerly Now'. It will be screening at the Mercury Cinema on the 28th of November, and hopefully all over the world soon after!

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