Friday, May 16, 2008

I have been beading since I was 8. Creating is something I just have to do. I live with my husband (who is a writer/artist/percussionist) and daughter in the Adelaide Hills and as you can imagine our days are filled with colour and mess and noise.

I have an etsy shop where I sell my handmade ceramic beaded jewellery. Quite a niche, eh? I am very new to it all, but I am slowly getting the hang of it all and can't wait to sell a piece of my jewellery through this new medium. Each piece is part of a large and long process. Its all rather intuitive, the beads tend to know what they want to be, and I've got to have the right atmosphere. Music makes all the difference.

So what you see is more art than jewellery and full of heart.
If you feel inspired to see my work my shop is